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Dr. Luan Pho--Allen, TX

cover.jpg NAME:
Luan Q. Pho, M.D., P.A.
Internal Medicine

Luan Q. Pho, M.D.
1105 N. Central Expressway
MOB-1, Suite 260
Allen, Texas 75013
(972) 747-4700


Sallygal said...

Thank you so much, Jimmy, for recommending Dr. Pho! At last--a doctor who isn't afraid of protein and fat! I went for my first appointment today, and I'm very pleased with the way I was treated. Nice to find a doctor, at long last, who thinks the way we do.

And thank you for your recommendation (on Amazon) of his book, Health & Vitality Truths. You outlined the major points of the book, which let me know quickly that Dr. Pho is a doctor who understands the benefits of low carb/Paleo diets.

Jimmy Moore said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a diabetic, and I've been looking all over the Dallas area for a doctor who supports a low-carb way of eating. Thanks to you I've found one! It's disheartening watching doctors respond to you as if you're advocating boring a hole in your cranium to let the evil spirits out when you mention low-carb diets. Eating low carb isn't easy for me, will-power-wise and it's helpful for me to have support and encouragement from my physician. After a couple months' sluggish start, I saw him again last week and was inspired to renew my efforts at low-carb eating, and already, in less than a week's time, my blood sugars, which haven't been good for about a year, are starting to come back down. Thanks!