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Dr. William Curtis--Corpus Christi, TX

cover.jpg NAME:
William G. Curtis, MD
Family physician

Future Focus Family Medicine & Medical Spa
3945 US Hwy 77
Corpus Christi, Texas 78410
(361) 767-8332

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Anonymous said...

In 2011, My sisters and I began the Wheat Belly way of eating lifestyle (low carb, medium protein, high fat (saturated and monounsaturated). In the 4.5 years that have passed I have finally lost weight (80 pounds) and restored my health. I'm 72 now and feel better than I did when I was 50! My sisters (ages 88 and 85) also lost weight and got to feeling so much better. The only problem? Our other doctor was impressed with the weight loss and the health restoration, but he gave no credit to the elimination of grains! It was so frustrating. He was all about statins for high cholesterol and lowfat/fat free eating! Well, to make a long story short, I looked on this blog and found Dr. Curtis in Corpus Christi. He is 85 miles away from our hometown, but the drive is so worth it! My sisters and I all three are going to him now. He is fully into eating the way we eat. He treats ailments naturally which I love. My sister had a bronchial ailment which the other doctor was treating with antibiotics and high powered cough syrups. We went to Dr. Curtis, and he suggested a supplement that cleared it up almost immediately! He fully supports both my sisters decisions that led to them stopping statins in 2011. (So nice not to be fussed at!) He even suggested a new cardiologist for them to see. Wonderful! It is so great to know that there are doctors out there who don't pull out a prescription pad for every little ailment. This doctor listens, spends time with his patients, and takes action in a way that most doctors have forgotten about--IF they ever knew about them in the first place. Thank you Jimmy Moore for this resource.