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Dr. Scott Kempton--St. Joseph, MO

cover.jpg NAME:
Scott Kempton, MD
Family physician

Heartland Clinic Comprehensive Family Care
5210 North Belt Hwy
Saint Joseph, Missouri 64506
(816) 271-4993
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Anonymous said...

He is the best! Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Anonymous said...

Best Dr, I've ever had. First one I've ever been comfortable with. Doesn't just medicate and send me on my way. TEACHES me! Explains what's going on and why we're doing what we're doing. I feel like he has saved my life!

Anonymous said...

Best Dr EVER. He takes a knowledgeable approach to fixing your problems rather than slapping a bandaid on it or popping a pill in your mouth. His nurses are great too, I seriously would know have known I had issues with wheat and an autoimmune disease had his nurse not notice an issue on a test a previous doctor did and said was fine. I feel like I'm finally on a natural road to recovery. I don't blindingly take pain killers just to get rid of the pain, I now know why I have the pain and how to reduce it.