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Dr. Nick DeBitetto--Newton, NJ

cover.jpg NAME:
Nick P. DeBitetto, DO
Osteopathic medicine

Sussex County Medical Associates
123 Newton Sparta Rd
Newton, New Jersey 07860
(973) 579-6300


S. L. Sloan said...

Based on a recommendation from an acquaintance and positive online reviews, I decided to see Dr Nick even though he's not on my insurance plan.

The last 3 or 4 doctors I've seen rushed me out of their offices without actually helping me (obesity is one of my main issues); in addition to not answering my questions, they seemed annoyed that I wanted information from them, and often flat-out insulted me or belittled my concerns!

My experience with Dr Nick was the polar opposite--he is VERY friendly, polite, compassionate and helpful, and he spent at least 40 minutes with me.

He diagnosed me with diabetes (based on lab tests ordered by another doctor) and when he showed me the diet plan, he recommended cutting the allowed carb servings in half. When I told him that I don't eat fruit, and that I try to keep my carbs under 50g a day, he was very supportive and enthusiastic.

And, in case you don't like spending half your day in a waiting room--I was called into my appointment on time, and the doctor knocked on the door mere seconds after the nurse left the exam room.

S. L. Sloan said...

I have to leave an update on this doctor; he asked me to call him one week after my appointment to let him know my blood glucose readings. It took me 2 weeks and at least 7 phone calls (3 from me, 4 from my pharmacy) to find out whether I should increase my medication, and to get the refill. This could be due to incompetent staff rather than the doctor's fault (Neither the pharmacist or I were able to speak directly to the doctor and had to leave messages); however, it was a deeply frustrating and disappointing experience.