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Ann Wendel--Alexandria, VA

cover.jpg NAME:
Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT
Physical Therapist

Prana Physical Therapy, PLLC
at Core Wellness and Physical Therapy
2201 Mount Vernon Ave
Alexandria, Virginia 22301
(571) 527-9192
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luckylin said...

I will look you up in August when I return to the DC area. I am already a registered patient of Commonwealth Dr has passed unfortunately. I was so happy with how your clinic handled my mother's case, June Rodd, that I took my badly morphed hand into the clinic...a bit later than I should have...but I am excited to find someone that I do not need to explain low carb to. See you in September. Lynn Thiessen

luckylin said...

Just need to find a local primary. I am a previous patient of your clinic but my physician has passed away during my time in Hawaii. Do you have any recommendations for primary. I was seen for torn ligaments in my hand......secondary to a very bad fall on ice....Do you do primary consultation or strictly pt? My husband is after me to go to a Dr but I don't because no one gets how I insist on living low carb.......they think because I am thin, and run 30 miles a week, I need carbs.....I do not think so. My weight is stable at 115 and 5'7. I am 57...Any suggestions you have will be valued. Ps I have held diabetes at bay, gestational, for 30 years and plan to keep it that way.....I am careful with my carbs. Thanks....luckylin, Lynn Thiessen