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Dr. Chuck Shaffer--Christiansburg, VA

cover.jpg NAME:
Chuck Shaffer, MD
Bariatrics/Eating Disorders physician

The Weigh Station
1600 Roanoke Street
Suite D
Christiansburg, Virginia 24073
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Anonymous said...

great people good follow up..Very nice staff

Anonymous said...

Dr. Shaffer is my "cheerleader"! I started going to him 4 1/2 months ago and have lost 85 pounds!! His diet is great, but his support and the support of his staff is amazing! His program costs $50 weekly, but worth every penny!

bill martin said...

These folks love you and it shows in all they do...I am 200 lbs down..enough said and I am keeping it off!

Anonymous said...

18 months later: Dr. Shaffer is STILL my "cheerleader!" I've now lost 185lbs! Thank You, WeighStation for all your love and support!