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Dr. C. John Baumgartner--Edina, MN

cover.jpg NAME:
C. John Baumgartner, MD, FACE

Medical Weight Management Centers
7300 France Ave S
Edina, Minnesota 55435
(952) 835-2132
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Jesse Thompson said...

After a quick review of the website of Medical Weight Center ( and pubmed for any articles Mr. Baumgarnter has written, it would seem that he is not a low-carb doctor. The published recipes on his website ( were instead low-fat (around 15-20% of calories from fat, if the numbers could actually be reconciled correctly, which sometimes they could not), and the only article I could find attributed to him related to obesity was one about a fiber bar. Another point of note is this statement on the FAQs of his website:

``Why not design a low-calorie whole foods diet?

With self-prepared foods, it is not possible to achieve a balanced 800-calorie diet that meets nutritional requirements.``

Seems like a calorie-restricted diet to me, not a low-carb diet. As this website may not tell the whole story and I haven`t talked to him myself, I and your readers would benefit from an clarification as to why he is included as a low-carb doctor.

Jimmy Moore said...

Click here to see why he's listed on my low-carb doctor's blog.