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Dr. William McCarthy--Woodbridge, VA

cover.jpg NAME:
William C. McCarthy, MD
Bariatric Physician

Northern Virginia Area Bariatric Consultants
2010 Opitz Blvd.
Suite A
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191
(703) 494-1020
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MC said...

If you are diabetic and want to quit insulin and pills, go see Dr. Wm McCarthy in Woodbridge, Va. He has helped me get my life back! You can do this if you do as he recommends. I started August 4 and the first week I threw away the pills and insulin. You do have to live on a low carb diet, give up bread, pasta, rice and high carb foods but well worth the wt loss and not having to use insulin and pills.

Betty B said...

My experience with Dr. McCarthy has been nothing less than incredible. Today is January 9, 2014 and I have been seeing him for care in wt loss since August 26, 2013. I have lost 60 pounds in that time and that includes a 5 pound holiday gain which I have since lost. I am preparing to move to a lo-carb diet (have been on VLC--very low calorie, about 800/day) to continue the loss. He works with you helping and supporting you make a choice of which diet will work for you. And as a woman of deep faith his praying with me at the end of every visit has been very supportive! Thank you Dr. McC!!