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Dr. Lowell Brad Hays--Irving, TX

cover.jpg NAME:
Dr. Lowell Brad Hays, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Medical Clinic of North Texas, P.A.
6750 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Suite 350
Irving, Texas 75039
(972) 556-1616
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Mom0fTwins said...

My husband finally confessed to Dr. Hays, last month, that we were doing Atkins. What a wonderful revelation. He controls his own carbs as well. We even turned him onto Dreamfields Pasta. He has a preference for Atkins for men and South Beach for women but admits that everyone is different so that is not a hard and fast recommendation, more of a suggestion. VERY supportive of our choice to go Low Carb and said to keep doin' what we are doin'. I do not know if this puts him in the category of Low Carb Doctors or not... but just being a supportive Doctor makes a lot of difference.

He is very personable and I never feel rushed in his presence. He takes time to answer my questions and, even better, takes time to ask me questions. I was turned onto him by a friend who had just been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. My husband was very surprised to find out that he was very supportive of Low Carb because my husband had many of the markers of danger (elevated Total Cholesterol and LDL, Low HDL, Elevated Triglycerides, Elevated Blood Pressure, Impaired Liver Function, and quite overweight). Most Doctors run to the AHA and USDA recommendations with those stats. I am so lucky to have found Dr. Brad Hays.

BTW ALL of my husband's markers have improved dramatically since starting Atkins. In fact, only the Liver Function tests still show abnormal but it had improved and he is not, yet, as his goal weight... but not too far now!

Low-fat Skeptic said...

I changed doctors and consulted this website to select one supportive of low carb. Dr. Hays is the only one in the area that was on the list and although he was not convinient to where I live, I selected to see him for this reason.

First, when I mentioned this website, he wondered how his name was added to this site. Secondly, when I told him of my issues with cholesteral and that I had quit taking statins, he indicated that statins was the only way in some patients to lower cholesteral. He regurgitated the same old AHS gibberish about cutting back on eggs and red meat.

I agree with the preveious comment that he is very personable, did not rush, and asked in a patient manner if I had any other questions etc. Also, he said he would run blood test first before he prescribed everything (althought he did have copies of my old records). Since then, I've gotten a call from his nurse who said I needed to schedule a followup because my cholesteral was rather high, although she didn't share the results.

I'm going to reschedule and go armed with much of the information that I'm learning on these blogs and websites but I'm not hopeful of what his reaction is going to be. I expect that he'll try to write me a script for statins.

Jimmy Moore said...

LFS, sorry you had that experience with Dr. Hays. I haven't had anyone else report a negative visit with him. THANKS for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy with Dr. Hays and the MCNT clinic in Irving. Having moved to the area, I recently visited Dr. Hays for a physical. I found that he continues to be low-carb friendly. Not sure if he'd push that on someone -- I'm the one who brought it up.

He seems to have experience with low-carb patients and had some friendly advice (e.g., if you GO OFF the low-carb diet you're liable to quickly gain weight).

As I'm a fan pf Peter Attia and Thomas Dayspring, I was happy to see Dr. Hays knew exactly what NMR spectroscopy was and was happy to add that to my blood tests (so that I could get an LDL-P particle count). He also mentioned that he often uses Berkeley Heart Labs testing, if I'm not mistaken.

The clinic has a neat set-up with the NextMD website. Within a week I was able to access the results of my blood tests online.

Dr. Hays also endorsed my idea of getting an EBT heart scan and calcium score. So in short I think this is a knowledgeable doctor to go to if you're concerned about cardiovascular health.