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Dr. Kota Reddy--Sugar Land, TX

cover.jpg NAME:
Dr. Kota J. Reddy, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Reddy Cardiac Wellness
Reddy & Reynolds Cardiology
3519 Town Center Blvd. Suite A
Sugar Land, TX 77479
(281) 491-0044
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LEMAY said...

I feel LUCKY to have found on my first trip to a Cardiologist, someone who could actually put himself out of business because of his passion to teach people to eat right so that they do not have heart problems. My visit was exceptional in all ways and I am not on a low carb diet to turn around the effects of my cholesterol which was out of control. Thanks to Dr. Reddy I feel like I am not dieting alone and that he and his team have a mission to make sure I do not become a victim of heart disease. He has taken a complex lot of information and Simplified it so that I can understand my personal risks factors for heart disease and other helath issues and what I must eat and do to turn it all around. I am not a blogger, so I would just like to say....Go see Dr. Reddy and be amazed at the comprehensive information you will get during your visit and experience his genuine concern in making sure you understand how it should matter to you. He is one in a gazillion. I give him the highest rating of any doctor I've ever been to.

Elaine S-D said...

I have been seeing Dr. Reddy since June 1999. He is a wonderful doctor. He remembers me every time I go to his office (even when I did not see him for about 5 years). He is very caring and concerned with the way we humans eat. He is very into the prevention of heart disease. His care has reversed many of my problems. I am not the easiest patient because I have a hard time eating right, you that country cooking (gravy and all). It is not because he does not try to get me to eat right ( I am very slow about changing my bad habits). Dr. Reddy has been a positive in my life. I recommend him to every one I know. I just can't say enough about how good he is. I can't wait to see what influence he has on the restaraunt industry and teaching them how to serve heart healthy foods.

mjredd said...

I started going to Dr. Reddy two weeks ago (Jan 2011) and I can't say enough good things about him and his practice! PLEASE, if you have diabetes and live in the Houston area - go see Dr. Reddy. Everything LEMAY said in a previous post is true. I also give him and his staff the highest rating of any doctor I have been to (and that's a lot!) I have diabetes and for the first time I feel like my doctor is making sense about how to treat and live with my condition!