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Dr. Roberto Saez--Bentonville, AR

cover.jpg NAME:
Dr. Roberto Saez, MD
Internal Physician

Bentonville Medical Associates
1000 SE 13th Court
Bentonville, AR 72712
(479) 273-9056

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Anonymous said...

I was so surprised at Dr. Saez. This doctor is unlike any other I'd ever visited before; he saved my life quite possibly and talked to me like I was a person not a patient. He even called and spoke to me personally about my lab results. Oh, and he's not one of those fat smoking do as I say not as I do doctors. He walks his talk. He also taught me that family history is as important as my own health and that I shouldn't only go to the doctor when I'm sick. He told me to prevent getting sick by going for "wellness" checkups and by doing that i'd be ahead of the game. So since seeing him I've lost 20 needed pounds, stopped smoking, and began riding my bike. Oh maybe I shouldn't mention - but i will - I also had my first colonoscopy - not a day at the circus but his insistance - and for no other reason than that I will be forever grateful to him. And I hear everyone who goes to doc saez eventually starts to ride a bike. I hear he even wears those funny lance armstrong shorts.