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Dr. Kate Lemmerman--McLean, VA

Dr. Kate Lemmerman, MD
Holistic physician/Acupuncturist

Well Being - Being Well
6862 Elm Street
Suite 720
McLean, VA 22101
(703) 635-2158


Anonymous said...

I go to Dr. Lemmerman's associate (there are only 2 docs in their office.) So far, her associate, Dr. Clamp hasn't been totally low carb friendly like I would like. She did tell me to eat low carb for my PCOS, but she is still making a big deal of my cholesterol numbers. I've been encouraged to get on a statin, and I have refused, saying I am going to fight the bad numbers (triglycerides) with a lifestyle change. But Dr. Clamp will get the VAP and the other lipid test (what's it called?) that look at the info more closely that the low carb people talk about. But she doesn't recognize low carb as a way to correct those lipid numbers. If Dr. Lemmerman does, I would like to know so she can talk to Dr. Clamp for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the comments, Jimmy. But I do want to say that Dr. Clamp from Dr. Lemmerman's office has done an excellent job with my thyroid, hormones and adrenals. She has made me feel like myself again. The weight loss and low carb and blood sugar are the last pieces of the puzzle.