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Dr. Gilbert B. Wilshire--Columbia, MO

cover.jpg NAME:
Dr. Gilbert B. Wilshire, MD, FACOG
Reproductive Endocrinologist

Mid-Missouri Reproductive Medicine
1502 East Broadway
Suite 106
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 443-4511

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Andytron said...

My wife and I were patients of Dr. Wilshire for reproductive help 2 years ago (on the recommendation of close friends who had seen him for similar matters), and I cannot say enough positive things about him.

I had watched Tom Naughton's "Fat Head" documentary by chance about a month before we saw Dr. Wilshire (purely coincidence) and was intrigued but not necessarily convinced about the low-carb lifestyle and health. When we met Dr. Wilshire, he reinforced a lot of what I had seen while explaining that insulin is not a friend of those trying to get pregnant. He suggested we both go low-carb and we immediately obeyed. During the course of that summer I lost about 25 pounds and my wife probably lost around that same amount. The following winter my wife became pregnant and we now have a healthy 10-month-old boy.

Dr. Wilshire is a very good doctor, maybe the best doctor I've ever seen for any reason. For anyone experiencing reproductive difficulties in the Missouri area, I would highly recommend him.